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a new version of Engaged!

Thanks to the unflagging efforts of Wendy Sadeh (wesadeh), John Beattie (jcbeat) and Janet Harrison (tat), working together with The WELL's Conferencing Team, we are delighted to announce a major upgrade to The WELL's web-based conferencing interface, Engaged!

Some of the highlights of the new version include compatibility with Microsoft®'s Internet Explorer v4.0, many major bug fixes, and the return of the spellcheck feature. The Engaged login page has also received a face-lift, much to the relief of those who have had a hard time with large amounts of pumpkin-orange.

For a full list of improvements and changes, please drop by the Engaged conference for the official post. Praise, critiques, and bug reports are all also welcome in the Engaged conference, topic 22.



In collaboration with PBS Online and their site, Hong Kong '97: Lives in Transition, the WELL launched the Hong Kong Conference. Lives in Transition featured regularly updated diaries chronicling how these momentous changes affect the day-to-day lives of a diverse group of Hong Kong residents.

If you already have a WELL account, please come on by the Hong Kong Conference (g hongkong). If not, then please read on about how to join The WELL.

PBS Online
From the News Conference: Experts on the WELL

Used by permission of (duggle):

re: the smell of meat offending the neighbors!

We've had several court cases up here in Canada now where some people moved out of the city to take up residence in "The Country" (birds singing, bees buzzing, beautiful sunrises etc.) only to find that when the wind blows the wrong way they get the smell from the stables or barns next door... (continued)

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